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About Us

What We Do

EFI researches global, regional and local sustainability issues and strategies being used to address them. Based on that research we create and provide educational programs, resources and learning tools for higher education, business and government that increase understanding of the social, economic and environmental challenges and build capacity to create solutions. Our programs have been used in graduate, undergraduate, professional and continuing education in the United States and Africa for individuals in fields ranging from business, health care, government, community development and art to natural and life sciences, environmental studies, agriculture and engineering.

Why We Do It

There are multiple, parallel challenges confronting our world today. Globally, cultural groups are becoming more adversarial, the gap between rich and poor is widening and the health of the natural environment is deteriorating. The growth of the human population from over 7 billion today to 9 billion by 2050 is accelerating these increasing cultural tensions, income disparities and rates of natural resource consumption. To reverse these trends and support the earth’s growing population, improve living standards and preserve the natural resource base on which we all depend will require a 400% to 1000% improvement in how effectively we use the resources we have. Global change on that scale over several decades will take innovation on an unprecedented scale and require rethinking and reinventing every aspect of how we live and work. For higher education and business, that means providing education and training that increases recognition and understanding of the challenges and develops individuals who have the skills and knowledge to tackle them.


At EFI we are committed to helping people become agents of positive change. Your contribution of treasure, talent or time would be wonderful. We are seeking volunteers who are interested in conducting research in the 25 areas of sustainability (see our 25-issue matrix); we need designers and illustrators; and we also need social media-savvy folks interested in learning the ropes of fundraising online.